Resources to Help Shift Your Thinking

Weekly Pizza Insight Online (PIO) e-Letter
Every Monday morning we send out a short e-letter with ideas you can use in your staff and management meetings. The PIO is a vehicle to pass along short tidbits, insights and fresh observations from current events in the real world with the idea of keeping your mind active. You'll agree with a lot of it, some will make you smile, a few ideas may ruffle your feathers, but all of it will make you re-think the way you do business. This can lead you to major insights ("aha" moments) ... and that can make all the difference!

Weekly Pizza Insight Slice Tip Sheet
Sometimes less is more, so every week we produce a short tip sheet with one or two quick ideas that you can put to work immediately. These are not necessarily the deeper thoughts that make you re-think what you're doing but rather are more nuts-and-bolts notes from the School of Hard Knocks.

Monthly Interviews with Industry Experts
Each month I'll send you an audio CD -- an interview with a person doing something significant in the industry. Topics can range from marketing and operations to human resources, management, finance, menu design, industry trends and whatever else strikes us as helpful information for an independent operator to have.

Monthly Roundtable TeleConference
Once a month we open the phone line for a members-only teleconference to discuss items of mutual interest or concern. The agenda is determined by those on the call, so you'll have a great opportunity to get a hearing from your peers on any new ideas you are exploring. Truth is that all of us are smarter than any of us so there’s a good chance somebody on the call can either keep you from making a costly mistake or offer suggestions that will help your implementation go more smoothly. It's like a mastermind group.

Monthly Pizza Insight Advisor (PIA) Newsletter
Every month I send out a four-page newsletter by e-mail that passes along insights, answer questions, shares trade secrets and offers best practices, all in a short, easy-to-digest-on-the-run format. The PIA makes for great discussions with your managers.

FREE Telephone Consulting
Do you have a particular question or a specific concern that is unique to your operation? Do you need a quick answer to a sticky situation? We've got you covered. As a Pizza Insight member you can pick up the phone and pose your issues directly without a meter running. This perk alone could be ... as they say in the ad ... priceless! Depending on your membership level, this could be a couple of days a month ... or unlimited access.

Online Knowledge Base
Think of this as a group blog - an ever-growing collection of interesting ideas from around the world, posted by other Pizza Insight members, so you know they are proven and practical. Eventually there will be dozens of cool examples to work from, so it should be easy to find a WOW idea you can adapt to the needs of your operation. We are collecting ideas as we speak and expect to have enough ideas to put this online in August 2013.

Online Recipe File
Want a good recipe for a new product? Have one that is working well for you? Need to know how to make seasonal adjustments to your dough recipe? Just go online any time of the day or night and check out the Pizza Insight recipe file. Odds are you'll be able to find just what you need. This feature should be up and running in July 2013.

Restaurant Doctor Seminar Archives
I have been a voice of reason in the hospitality business for longer than I care to think about (my first seminar for the National Restaurant Association was back in 1974!) I have also been a fixture at Pizza Expo for about twenty years now. Anyway, I am starting the slow process of converting my seminars to online courses. Some are online now and I have two or three dozen to go. When this is done ... if it ever is, since I develop mew material all the time ... it will be an online university with no tuition, available 24/7.

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